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Monday, March 14, 2011

Is Lady Gaga a drunk???

Is Lady Gaga a drunk???

Many have heard that Lady Gaga was recently drunk at a Yankee's game.  I don't know about you, but this top 100 songs beauty queen seems to be a little crazy.
Yeah you see it...a big, fat, slighly deformed middle finger (my mom calls it her driving finger).  It's not known who set this pop queen off, but she obviously isn't very happy.  Maybe she is flipping off a paparazzi or maybe it's someone playing the Yankee...all I know is it's hilarious.

This set off a spark among moms who wanted to find another reason for their 13-year old daughter to not listen to Gaga.  Yes it's a little over the top and yes it might offend some people, but look at her!  She is know for being over the top.  She obviously feel comfortable enough to go out and have some fun, but this kind of stuff might get her D listed.

Who knows...maybe this recent break down could be a good thing.  Maybe this drunk diet, as reported on, Lady Gaga, I'm on a drunk diet'.  Do you remember how Mel Gibson went crazy.  And we all thought he was a sane person.  What do you think a Lady Gaga melt down will look like?

Keep on the look out for more Lady Gaga news.  She keeps putting out top new sngs and, here is her fan site



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